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GDT SUPPLIES FLEX SOFT RELINE - Soft Relining Flexible Material

GDT SUPPLIES FLEX SOFT RELINE - Soft Relining Flexible Material

GDT Supplies Flex Soft Reline is a silicone-based, soft denture relining material. 

The new formula of Flex Soft Reline was carefully developed to ensure that wearing prosthetics is an enjoyable experience for all denture wearers. 

The material provides a secure and functional fit of the dentures and maximum everyday comfort to the patient. 

GDT Flex Soft Reline is indicated for use in cases of ridge resorption, atrophy of mucosa, for undercut areas, during the healing periods following tooth extractions and implant surgeries. 

The cartridge dispensing system ensures exceptional ease of use, this way, messy mixing is completely eliminated.

With the long nozzle, the material can be applied very accurately and neatly precisely where it is necessary. 

GDT Flex Soft Reline exhibits outstanding durability, excellent resistance to abrasion and discoloration, and superb grinding performance.

The enhanced tear resistance makes the removal easy, minimizing the risk of distortion. 

The material provides a secure, long-lasting reline with no taste or odor. With GDT Flex Soft Reline the patients will get that soft spongy feeling they like. 

Being non-irritant, the material is suitable even for sensitive gum tissues. 

It is capable of withstanding wear for up to two years.

Another advantage of GDT Flex Soft Reline is its color - pleasantly pink, gingiva-like, providing a natural and healthy look. 

The material can be used both chair-side and during the laboratory denture relining.

GDT Flex Soft Reline delivers optimal results with a simple and quick procedure, allowing the patients to eat, talk, laugh, and smile with confidence. 



• Excellent operating time/setting time ratio
• Convenient handling with the auto-mix cartridge
• Direct and accurate application to the denture
• Strong adhesion
• High tear strength
• Easy to polish and trim with a rotary cutter.
• Long-term softness
• Non-irritant
• Exceptional resistance to stains 
• Non-sticky
• Odorless and tasteless
• Economical use
• Cost-effective




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