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COREBONE Bio Active Coral Bone Graft

COREBONE Bio Active Coral Bone Graft

CoreBone is a natural alternative to current synthetic, bovine and human-derived bone grafts. 

It provides volume maintenance, remodeling by osteoclastic activity, and required bone formation qualities without the limitations associated with animal or human sources, and a better biological safety profile.

Already used in thousands of cases worldwide, it is widely compared by our users to the leading bovine-derived bone grafts.

CoreBone grafts are made from corals that are grown in closed, controlled aquatic (aquarium) systems. 

The systems eliminate a number of the challenges facing wild corals: sea pollution, biological marine contamination endangerment, and extinction of species.

Using proprietary technology and laboratory-made seawater enriched with bioactive nutrients and CoreBone’s own coral breeding source. 

This enables CoreBone to leverage the coral's natural bone-like properties, prevent sea pollution-related risks and ensure product consistency.

CoreBone corals are bred from selected species suitable for selected clinical indications for optimal strength and porosity.

Making use of its proprietary technology, CoreBone embeds specific nutrients such as silicium and strontium into the coral mineral during its growth process, making it bioactive and osteoconductive. The interconnected porosity of CoreBone coral allows 3D generation of bone that has been demonstrated to lead to higher fusion rates, without loss of strength.



• Bioactive
• Strong as bone
• Remodels by osteoclastic activity 
• No marine pollution risks
• No human/bovine biological risks
• Interconnected 3D porosity




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