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Cutting & Shaping Gold / Diamond Surgical Burs

Cutting & Shaping Gold / Diamond Surgical Burs

In dentistry, Gold & Diamond Edition Burs are among the most frequently used instruments.
It is impossible to imagine a daily routine in a dental office without these tools.
For this reason, choosing the best burs is critically important and is often the key to success in a variety of procedures.

The Gold & Diamond Edition Burs are engineered and manufactured from superior materials using cutting-edge technological advances of the industry, in compliance with stringent quality control procedures.
Gold & Diamond Edition Burs provide outstanding bone cutting performance, optimized cutting time, remarkable precision, and durability. The exceptional design minimizes vibration and ensures smooth and accurate, yet aggressive cutting and fast removal of bone.

In the production of the Burs, only medical-grade steel is used.
For the diamond coating high-purity, natural diamonds are specially selected and carefully processed.
Afterward, the diamonds are bonded evenly to the shank.
The unique bonding significantly lowers the chances of delamination of the diamonds.
Among the benefits of natural diamonds are exceptional hardness, low friction coefficient, superb resistance to wear, and chemical inertness. The perfect geometry and premium workmanship allow efficient cutting of bone tissue.

The gold edition burs are electrolytically plated with a thick layer of 24K gold and undergo microscopic inspection to ensure they meet all the quality requirements.
Any modern dental practice and its patients will benefit from using the exclusive Gold & Diamond Edition Burs, which offers seamless performance and long instrument life.


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