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GDT NanoComp vs. GDT NanoComp Flow: A Comparative Overview

GDT NanoComp vs. GDT NanoComp Flow: A Comparative Overview

When it comes to dental restoratives featured on WholeDent.com, GDT NanoComp, and GDT NanoComp Flow are standout products offered by GDT Supplies. Both composites are manufactured in Israel and share a reputation for exceptional performance, but they cater to slightly different needs in dental restoration.


Both composites are light-cured, ensuring quick and efficient curing times. They are radiopaque, allowing for easy identification within the tooth structure during post-operative evaluations. Additionally, each composite boasts impressive aesthetic qualities with a range of shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2), ensuring natural-looking restorations that blend seamlessly with existing teeth. The composites are also characterized by their high strength, durability, and excellent flowability, which facilitate precise applications and superior bonding.


The GDT NanoComp Flow is designed specifically for restorations and small occlusal repairs of all types. Its nano-filled composition allows for deep cavity procedures up to 5mm while maintaining low shrinkage pressure and exceptional flexural and tensile strength. It comes in a 2g quantity and includes two syringes and five mixing tips, making it ideal for detailed restorative work that requires high flowability and precision.

Conversely, the GDT NanoComp is a more versatile, sculptable material suitable for both anterior and posterior restorations across a broader range of classes (I-VI). This composite incorporates a universal micro-hybrid gel and is available in a larger 4g syringe. Its advanced nano-filler technology ensures high opacity and reduced need for additional opaquer composites, making it perfect for high-strength, aesthetic restorations. Moreover, it cures with both LED and halogen light, providing more flexibility in clinical settings.

Conclusion: Choosing Between GDT NanoComp and GDT NanoComp Flow

While both GDT NanoComp and GDT NanoComp Flow offer aesthetic and durable solutions for dental restorations, the choice between them hinges on specific clinical needs. The GDT NanoComp Flow excels in detailed, flowable applications and deep cavity restorations, whereas the GDT NanoComp provides broader application versatility and high strength for extensive restorative work. By understanding these distinctions, dental professionals can select the most appropriate material to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

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