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You can use a wide variety of products for bite registration. Since what you need is to keep a record of the patient’s bite, dentists don’t often use more than the material their patient will bite to capture their jaws’ occlusal relationship. 

There are different types of bite registration products, though. One of the most common is VPS bite registration, which typically comes in the form of a fast-setting putty or paste, and it's popular for its excellent dimensional stability and detail accuracy.

However, we also offer registration trays, or even digital systems. 

Although bite registration products offer different features, you mainly need them to be accurate. You should look for smooth and non-sticky materials to ensure your patient’s comfort. WholeDent offers many options to check all these boxes. 

The DSI Ultrasil Impression Bite Registration Material, for example, is made of vinyl polysiloxane. This material is smooth and lets you record your patient’s occlusal relationship with just a bite. 

WholeDent offers other products for specific situations, such as the GC Exaclear VPS Bite Registration Material. Dentists can use this one for complex aesthetic purposes. 

You shouldn’t use the same bite registration products for all procedures. Wax is your best option when you need a quick and simple record of a patient’s bite. Dentists often use it for temporary restorations or diagnoses. 

Silicone bite registration materials, on the other hand, give you more stability and accuracy than wax. Hence, you can use it for patients looking for complex restoration procedures that need deeper occlusal information about your clients. 

Bite registration trays are for one-time registrations. Naturally, they are not as accurate as others, but they are more affordable. You can offer this as a low-cost option for people working on a budget.

WholeDent bite registration dental products are meant for painless procedures, so you shouldn’t need anesthesia. This process often requires people to bite down the material you give them. 

Although it’s uncommon, some bite registration procedures do use anesthesia. You can mostly do it if your patient has a sensitive gag reflex or feels discomfort throughout the process. 

Regardless of that, most dentists use other relaxation and distraction methods to make their patients feel safer. 

Let your patient know they can tell you any discomfort they may feel while you record their bite. Make sure you have a transparent relationship with them since that lets you offer the best treatment and products available for each situation.

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