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Yes. The endodontics dental rubber dam was created to promote better resistance and smoothness. You can easily position and secure your work area thanks to these tools.

Not only do these rubber latex dams allow you to work more comfortably, but they also do an excellent job of protecting the area from debris, irritation, or bacteria. You won’t need to worry about the sheet breaking, as it has much greater tear resistance compared to other products.

Each sheet comes individually packed and is powder-free, so it won’t cause any irritability problems for your patient. In other words, you’re making everything safer for you and your clients.

You get two isolation tools here: the rubber dam and resin barrier. 

Rubber dams will give you full isolation from the rest of the mouth, whereas the resin barrier protects your patient’s gums and soft tissues during certain procedures. 

Both options do an excellent job of protecting your patient from bacteria or abrasion. Resin barriers are common during teeth whitening procedures, whereas rubber dams are frequently used during endodontic treatments. 

Getting these products ensures you give your patient the safest treatment possible based on the circumstances. Each of these tools was created to offer more resistance, durability, and compatibility for the patient.

An endodontics dental rubber dam has plenty of responsibility in ensuring your patients’ safety. Unfortunately, not all products will provide you with the degree of quality you deserve.

Picking a subpar sheet will increase the chances of bacteria entering your patient’s root canal system, leading to many issues. Particularly, the patient’s tooth may not be able to recover from infection properly.

These rubber dams were tested thoroughly to ensure they were safe in most treatments. Thanks to the quality the dams offer, you can provide the best possible treatment to your patient without any risk of infection or discomfort during the procedures.

Yes, the rubber dams are suitable for all patients. One of the most common problems when picking rubber sheets is that some people may develop an allergy during the procedure, which can affect it.

Thankfully, these rubber dams were designed to be as flexible and safe as possible for most scenarios. You’ll be able to position the sheet without affecting your patient’s breathability or comfort.

As for clamping and securing, you can use the forceps provided on this list to make the process smoother. There’s a much lower risk of complications when using these rubber dams and other related products from the list.

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