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GDT Sponge Grafting Plug

GDT Sponge Grafting Plug

GDT Sponge Grafting Plug offers a unique one-step solution for bone grafting procedures. 
The one-of-a-kind, innovative, cost-effective material makes socket preservation simple and predictable. 
The bioactive, calcium phosphate-based graft inside the plug has physicochemical properties similar to human bone mineral.
With GDT Sponge Grafting Plug, no membrane is necessary. 

GDT Sponge Grafting Plug contains the graft material, restricts migration of soft tissue through both a physical and chemical barrier, and develops a strong bond with bone as it resorbs.
Being highly hydrophilic, the plug readily absorbs blood and fluid. 
As the resorption process begins, calcium ions are released, creating an environment favorable to rapid bone growth.
GDT Sponge Grafting Plug enables dental professionals to observe the healing process radiographically. 

On the day of placement, the material is radiolucent, becoming radiopaque 3-6 months later as it is replaced with a native bone.  
GDT Sponge Grafting Plug represents an easy to use, affordable to both the dentist and client regenerative material, developed to deliver excellent results with less hassle.



• One-step, cost-effective solution for socket preservation
• Mixing particulate grafts is now a thing of the past
• No membrane necessary
• Predictable outcome
• Bioactive
• Radiolucent on day of placement
• Radiopaque in 3-6 months



• Graft washout is eliminated
• Seals up the bleeding tissues immediately
• Simple adaptation in the area of the defect
• Volume maintenance and prevention of tissue collapse
• Reducing the need for further augmentative procedures
• Improving the aesthetic result of the final restorations




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