Zygomatic TAD Orthodontic Mini-screw

Zygomatic TAD Orthodontic

TAD Orthodontic Mini Screws:

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) represents a major breakthrough in dentistry, dramatically simplifying the treatment of many orthodontic cases. 

They offer easy and minimally invasive insertion and removal afterward, an innovative approach without the need to rely on patients’ compliance, minimize the number of oral surgeries necessary, increase the types of orthodontic issues possible to treat.

Zygomatic & Buccal Shelf mini-screws TAD is another step forward. Placing TADs in the retromolar zone of the lower jaw or alveolar crest formation creates skeletal anchorage to achieve a predictable and effective result.

TADs allow distalization of the entire maxillary arch without extractions or the patient’s cooperation. 

Placing TADs in the mandibular buccal shelf is a reliable form of extra-alveolar support for retracting the entire lower arch to conservatively correct Class III malocclusions without tooth extraction or orthognathic surgery. 

Since the zygoma is a common site for the placement of TADs, soft tissue irritation is a typical problem. 

To successfully overcome this obstacle, new Zygomatic TADs have been developed. 

The surface of the body is a half thread, half smooth. 
Their unique design minimizes the chances of trauma, inflammation, and patient discomfort.

Extensive studies have shown that TADs result in considerably less anchorage loss than other conventional anchorage maintenance methods in patients with normal facial patterns. 

The use of TADs also resulted in significantly less anchorage loss in normal/hypodivergent patients than in the same type of patients where other methods of anchorage are used.

Zygomatic TADs are produced only from the same 6Al-4V Eli grade 5 titanium. 

The material possesses incredible physical properties, it is stronger, lighter, and more biocompatible than steel, with improved fracture toughness. 

Titanium is nontoxic and nonallergenic, highly corrosion-resistant. But the material’s full tissue compatibility is where it really shines. 

An opening in the head of the Zygomatic TAD with a diameter of Ø0.8mm is specially designed to accommodate elastic strands, ligature, and arches up to Ø0.21"x0.25 in diameter.



• Half thread - Half smooth body
• Minimally invasive procedure
• Safe, easy, and precise insertion 
• No inflammation on the soft tissue
• Made of 6Al-4V Eli grade 5 titanium
• Easy to place and remove
• Highly predictable and stable outcome
• Non-compliant patient approach
• Minimize cases of oral surgery
• Can be loaded immediately
• Reduced treatment time
• Double-barrier sterile packaging
• Minimize cases of oral surgery



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