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Ортодонтические датчики

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Using an orthodontic gauge accurately involves several key steps: first, ensure the gauge is correctly calibrated according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

Before measuring, clean the area around the teeth and appliance to remove any obstructions. Correctly position the gauge for the specific measurement, such as aligning it with a bracket for height measurement. Always take multiple readings to ensure consistency and maintain accuracy. 

Regular maintenance of the gauge, including careful handling and proper storage, is crucial to preserve its precision. Practicing regularly and referring to instructional materials can further enhance your proficiency in using orthodontic gauges.

All of the products were made with high-quality materials to ensure higher resistance, durability, and comfort for the patient.

The stainless steel featured in these gauges promotes better fire/heat resistance, sustainability, and corrosion protection. If you’re worried about long-term value, rest assured that these products are worth it.

There’s a reason why this material is commonly used in dental equipment, and it’s because of its superiority when it comes to hygiene. Each product is autoclave-resistant, ensuring you can sterilize them without any risks.

In the case of the force gauge tension meter, it was made to promote as much precision as possible when measuring orthodontic elastics. It also includes polymer tips and a premium finish.

Yes, these gauges are user-friendly, so they were designed to promote as much comfort as possible. Of course, they also promote ease of use for the professional, so you’ll have more control over the process and be able to reassure your patient that there won’t be any discomfort.

Safety is crucial in cases when IPR is needed. Thanks to the incremental thickness gauges, you can easily calculate the amount of interproximal enamel you can remove without any additional risks.

On the other hand, the positioner star works with heat-treated tips and a smooth surface, which allows you to get everything over without problems.

The orthodontics dental gauges offered here were thoroughly tested to promote the highest degree of accuracy in measurements. You can pick different options based on what you need for your patient’s treatment, and all of them will provide superior performance and compatibility with a wide range of dental treatments.

Moreover, these tools were created with adjustability and resistance in mind. The bracket positioner, for example, makes the fixation process much easier by including adjustable height gauges and an ergonomic and lightweight design.

You deserve to get the best tools to treat your patients, so these products were chosen to promote an unmatched level of quality and precision.

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